LACC Undergraduate Certificate Program

The LACC Undergraduate Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies provides a strong foundation in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and offers students specialized expertise in the region, as well as preparation for graduate studies and professional career. +More Info

The LACC Undergraduate Certificate in Haitian Studies offers degree and non-degree students interdisciplinary and specialized training in Haitian Studies. With a strong emphasis on Haiti's language and culture, the certificate also fosters greater depth of knowledge related to Haiti through additional course offerings across a variety of disciplines including Economics, History, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Art History, Music and more. +More Info

Other Certificates

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Afro-Latin American Studies. +More Info
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Cuban and Cuban-American Studies. +More Info 
  • Undergraduate Asian Globalization and Latin America. +More Info  

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