Student Testimonials

Read below to see what past students have to say about LACC's Haitian Summer Institute.

"The Haitian Summer Institute at FIU has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I really enjoyed the effective learning methods taught by Professor Nick Andre and Professor Jacques Pierre. The HSI helped improve my proficiency from conversational to advanced Haitian Creole in such a short time period. I also learned so much about Haitian culture beyond what I already knew including Haitian scholars and Haitian literature. The experiences I had in Haiti instilled in me the rich history of the country. I would highly recommend to anyone to participate in the Haitian Summer Institute to advance their global view and learn about a rich culture."

~Fenold Alexis Jr., 2017 Participant

"The Haitian Summer Institute at FIU is helping me to achieve my research and teaching goals by providing enjoyable instruction in the Haitian Creole language and Haitian culture. I would definitely recommend this affordable intensive language program to anyone working in any area of Haitian studies, and I hope to participate in the second half of the program in the summer of 2017."

~Erica Johnson, 2016 Participant

"HSI was for me an eye opening experience on so many levels. I learned many culture and language related things. Having been in the presence of Haitian scholars thriving in Haiti really enlightened and enriched my knowledge on different topics. I was very pleased with the different visits to many iconic places such as “Le Nouvelliste” which is Haiti’s finest and longest running newspaper company. The Barbancourt distillery, the National Museum, the Creole academy and also the Citadelle were among the best."

~Wallys Celisie, 2016 Participant

"HSI was life changing. I learned so much about myself and others by being a part of it. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who's interested in studying Caribbean languages andor dialects."

~Autumn Hyatt, 2016 Participant

"The Haitian Summer Institute at FIU changed my life by giving me tools and experiences that I will always carry with me. I was immersed in the Haitian culture of Miami, learned the language from a talented linguist and educator, and spent two unforgettable weeks touring the country and meeting people from every walk of life. The experiences I had in Haiti and the program instilled in me a more global view of education and how it can be improved. If you are a person interested in learning about an underappreciated culture and the strongest people in the Caribbean, participating in the Haitian Summer Institute would be a wise choice."

~AJ Alvero, 2015 Participant

"Florida International University’s Haitian Summer Institute helped advance my Haitian Creole language skills to a level that supports effective and accurate interviewing for my research in rural Haiti. The professors and staff were always helpful and welcoming, and I would recommend this program to academics, practitioners, and travelers dedicated to learning the language and culture of Haiti."

~John McGreevy, 2015 Participant