The Street Gangs in Central America Research Initiative (SCRAIN)

LACC, in partnership with several institutions, has been awarded several research grants to study street gangs in the northern countries of Central America. These research projects are based on surveys and in-depth interviews with people with a history of gang membership in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Research projects under this initiative focus on the reasons why Central American youth decide to join a gang and the conditions that lead many to disengage after spending more than five years in the gang. The Street Gangs in Central America Research Initiative has been funded by different organizations, including the Bueau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), USAID, and others. Find the reports and summaries in the following links:

El Salvador report (English)

El reporte de El Salvador (Spanish)

El Salvador summary (English)

El resumen de El Salvador (Spanish)

Honduras report (English)

Honduras summary (English)

Guatemala report (English)

Guatemala summary (English)