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Are you interested in the Latin American and Caribbean region?

Would a relevant internship help you achieve your academic and career goals?


Step 1: What you do

  • Think deeply about the type of experience you are looking for. The below chart is a non-exhaustive list of characteristics of a potential internship. Any combination may best fit your needs.
StructureLocationType of WorkType of EmployerLanguages Spoken
For creditInternationalPolicyCorporationSpanish
Not for creditOnlineFinanceGovernment agencyEnglish
Human ServicesChamber of Commerce

Step 2: What we do

  • We will contact the companies you are interested in to determine if internships are available, or could be developed. Then, we’ll let you know of any upcoming opportunities.
  • We will provide you with additional suggestions of potential internship placements based on your preferences.

Step 3: What we do together (APPLY!)

Once you’ve identified the specific internship(s) you’re applying for, we provide assistance with:

  • Resume, personal statement, and interview preparation
  • Collection of reference letters
  • Counting internship toward course credit (if applicable, based on program)