Student Funding Opportunities

Teaching Assistantships

A limited number of teaching assistantships are available for graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies program. Teaching assistants acquire classroom experience by helping faculty administer and teach their courses. Assistantships require 20 hours of work weekly and include 80% of the in-state portion of tuition plus a modest stipend. Ph.D. candidates with a strong emphasis on Latin America or the Caribbean may also be eligible to receive a research assistantship pending availability. More info...

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

The Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship supports language training in Less-Commonly-Taught Languages (LCTLs), including Portuguese and Haitian Creole. The fellowship assists in the advancement of knowledge, resources, and trained personnel for foreign language and area/international studies and supports the development of a qualified pool of international experts with global competence designed to meet U.S. national needs. +More Info

Out-of-State Tuition Waivers for International Students

The Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center awards out-of-state tuition waivers annually to international graduate and undergraduate students from the Caribbean and Mexico to help mitigate the cost of studying in Florida as an international student. The waivers cover the out-of-state portion of tuition for students pursuing a degree in any discipline, at any public university or community college in Florida. The program is funded through the Florida-Caribbean Institute (FCI) and Florida-Mexico Institute (FMI).

International students from Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Japan, and West Africa are also eligible for out-of-state tuition waivers through Florida Linkage Institutes. More Info...

Graduate Student Funding Committee Grants

The Graduate Student Funding Committee offers graduate students funding for conferences, professional development and research. Grants can be used to cover travel costs and conference fees, up to $500 for both domestic and international travel. More Info...

Graduate Fee Grants

The FIU Office of Financial Aid awards Graduate Fee Grants, up to $2,500 per semester, to students who demonstrate financial need. More Info...

Additional Student Financial Support

Students may also be eligible for a variety of other private and university-wide funds. Prospective students can find links to organizations offering financial assistance by visiting the FIU University Graduate School.