Alumni Testimonials

Alumni from LACC's academic programs are employed in a variety of public and private industries in the U.S. and abroad. They currently serve as research directors, teachers, NGO administrators, diplomatic representatives, policy-makers, and small business owners. Many alumni of the Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies program have earned PhDs and excelled in careers in higher education.

Read below to see what alumni have to say about LACC's academic programs:

"My experience at FIU’s Latin American and Caribbean Center and the Master’s program was profoundly nurturing and enriching. I was encouraged to be myself: enterprising and courageous. I was valued, "seen" and expertly trained. All aspects of my personal and professional life have been revolutionized by my time there."
-Tiffany G. Madera, filmmaker, artist, dance ethnographer

“I came to FIU in 2005 to pursue my MA in Latin American Studies. The support and training that I received from the faculty and the time spent with my fellow students challenged me to grow and expand my understanding of the region. Currently, I am working on a cross-regional collaborative project promoting and supporting Caribbean Studies, providing improved access to Caribbean resources, and fostering a collaborative digital library community in the Caribbean region."
-Brooke Wooldridge, Coordinator, Digital Library of the Caribbean

“After graduation, I was employed as a program coordinator at the Development Research Center (DRC) in Miami, a non-profit organization that implements projects throughout Latin America. Compiling, analyzing and disseminating research data was something I did on a daily basis at the DRC and I was able to do it thanks in part to my training at FIU. The Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies program provided me with new tools and skills that I needed to enhance my research skills. Through the program, I enhanced my understanding of the very region where I am from and was trained in different methods to investigate its socioeconomic realities.”
-Israel Alonso, Associate Director, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Miami

“The program was a great experience on several levels. The breadth and depth of knowledge that the program provided has been an asset as I continue my studies in a doctoral program in political science. I was able to meet and study with graduate students of varying backgrounds who shared a common interest: Latin America. I not only learned a lot about the history, culture, and politics of the region through my classes, but also by being part of a community of burgeoning scholars from throughout the hemisphere. Finally, the location of FIU is incomparable. To learn about Latin America on a day-to-day basis, and then to be exposed to the richness of its culture, languages, and lifestyles on the streets of Miami, is exciting and enriching.
-Dr. Jennifer Cyr, Assistant Professor, The University of Arizona

“I will never forget the wonderful experience I had at FIU’s Latin American and Caribbean Center. It was much more than an area studies center: it was an academic family devoted to the study of Latin American and Caribbean issues. I found support and encouragement from the faculty and staff as I sought to develop my knowledge and understanding of crucial issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Faculty members are especially accessible and supportive; there is an esprit de corps that develops among the students that elevates the performance of each individual and prepares himher for further academic study or professional careers. The Center opens doors of opportunity to its students.”
-Dr. Joseph Holbrook, Academic Director at LACC, Adjunct Professor, FIU History Department