LACC Graduate Certificate

The LACC Graduate Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies offers interdisciplinary, graduate-level study of Latin America and the Caribbean. LACC Graduate Certificate students enjoy the benefits of access to LACC’s network of faculty experts, policy-makers, artists, community leaders, and alumni both in the U.S. and in Latin America and the Caribbean. The highly flexible program may be completed during the day or in the evenings. For students pursuing a Master’s or Doctorate degree, the LACC Graduate Certificate is designed to complement the student’s discipline or major area of study. The certificate is particularly popular with students pursuing advanced degrees in Business, Public Health, Education, Hospitality Management, History, and Global & Sociocultural Studies, among others. For non-degree seeking students, the certificate provides expertise on Latin American and Caribbean that may enhance one’s personal or professional goals. Many LACC Graduate Certificate students are professionals working in education and media, as well as the private and public sectors in Miami.

LACC Graduate Certificate Requirements

  1. A total of 15 graduate credit hours with a grade of B or better. Courses must be selected from the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Approved Course List or be approved by the LACC Certificate Advisor. Courses may include those within the student’s major, but must also be selected from at least two disciplines outside the student’s major.
  2. Each student is required to demonstrate proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese, or in another regional language such as French, Haitian Creole, or Dutch when justified by research interests and the approval of the graduate director. Proficiency is demonstrated by scoring at least ‘intermediate-high’ on the ACTFL/ETS exam for Spanish, Portuguese, or French. For other languages, corresponding tests of proficiency and levels of achievement will be required as determined by the graduate director.
  3. Student Portfolio- Students are required to present two examples of work completed in courses that applied to the LACS Graduate Certificate reflecting a focus in the field of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Research papers are preferred, interdisciplinary papers are encouraged, and the papers must be written in English. Papers should be between 8 and 20 pages in length. Course name, number, semester, and professor should be included in each paper.

Additional Information

  • Foreign applicants must have a TOEFL* score of 550 or higher
  • Applicants must provide verification of an undergraduate degree
  • FIU students enrolled in a Master’s or Doctorate degree program must now apply through the University Graduate Schools Admissions ($30.00 application fee)
  • Students enrolled in the LACC Graduate Certificate Program have the option of applying for the Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies program. Upon acceptance, completed LACC Graduate Certificate coursework may be transferred and counted towards the Master’s degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Certificate Application

Students interested in pursuing the certificate should contact the certificate advisor, call (305) 348-2894 for an appointment or email As of November 2, 2009, all admission to graduate certificate programs require an application through the Graduate Admissions website (requires a $30.00 application fee).

Students currently enrolled in an FIU Master's or Doctoral degree program, Click Here. For all others, Click Here and create a User Account.

In addition to this application, students must also submit the application below to LACC.

LACC Graduate Certificate Application

Application Deadlines

Students must apply at least one full semester before graduating.

Fall- June 1

Spring- October 1

Summer- March 1


Please click here to see the list of FIU courses that are approved for credit towards a LACC MA or a Graduate Certificate. You may do a class search for a specific course to check its availability during a specific semester. In addition, most courses with over 25% Latin American or Caribbean content will be approved. For course approval, please schedule an appointment with certificate advisor by calling (305) 348-2894. Bring a copy of the course syllabus and any major research papers or projects prepared during the course.

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Please email to request an appointment (preferred)