Joint and Combined Degree Programs

  • MALACS/JD and MALACS/MBA Joint-Degree pathway

    Joint-degree pathway between LACC and the FIU College of Law and LACC and the FIU College of Business Administration allows students to pursue a Juris Doctor (JD) and a MALACS degree or a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a MALACS degree. Students pursuing a joint-degree pathway must meet the entrance requirements for both the MALACS degree and the JD or the MBA degree. Twelve approved credits from the law or business school may be counted towards the MALACS degree and will constitute a MALACS concentration in International and Comparative Law or a concentration in International Business respectively. Twelve approved credits from the MALACS program will be counted towards the law or the business school requirements. All additional JD, MBA, or MALACS degree requirements must be met. Additional information on the joint-degree pathway is available upon request from the LACC’s Academic Programs staff.

  • Combined MALACS/PhD in Political Science & Combined MALACS/PhD in International Relations

    The Combined Latin American and Caribbean Studies MA/Political Science PhD degree pathway and the Combined Latin American and Caribbean Studies MA/International Relations PhD program allow qualified students to pursue graduate degrees simultaneously rather than sequentially. To be accepted into the combined degree pathway , students must meet the admission requirements for both the MA and PhD program of his/her choice and submit applications to the MALACS program, as well as either the PhD in Political Science or the PhD in International Relations. MA/International Relations PhD, MA/Political Science PhD

  • Combined MALACS/PhD in History

    The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program and the Department of History combined degree pathway allows students with an interest in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and in the discipline of History to enroll simultaneously in both programs and to count 30 credits of coursework toward fulfillment of the requirements for both graduate degrees.

  • Combined MALACS/PhD in Global and Sociocultural Studies

    The combined Latin American and Caribbean Studies M.A. (MALACS)/Global & Sociocultural Studies Ph.D. degree pathway allows qualified graduate students to pursue both degrees at the same time.