LACC is proud of its long-time commitment to the South Florida community’s need for high-quality and reliable information related to the region. Given the large numbers of South Florida residents tied to Latin America and the Caribbean and Miami's key role in Spanish-language media, news about the region is of critical interest to our community. LACC actively contributes to both English- and Spanish-language media and keeps its constituents informed through its robust social media platform. LACC faculty affiliates lend their expertise to many of the most prominent news organizations covering the region.

As part of its outreach mission and in an attempt to expand and enhance news coverage of the region, the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center maintains a strong relationship with local, national and international media by providing expert sources, securing media professionals' access to news-worthy FIU events, hosting an annual conference for media professionals on the region's most pressing issues and providing media travel grants.

FIU Media Source Bureau

LACC supports the FIU media source bureau by serving as a liaison between LACC faculty experts, FIU Media Relations and journalists. To request a source expert, contact LACC at (305) 348-2894 or visit the FIU Expert SourceBook at:

Journalists & Editors Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean

Each spring for the last 34 years, LACC has hosted its Journalists & Editors Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean. The workshop attracts journalists from some of the world's leading media organizations, as well as academics and Latin American policy-makers for a series of on-the-record panel discussions. In partnership with the FIU School of Communication + Journalism, LACC's 34th Annual Journalists & Editors Workshop was held on March 23, 2017, at Florida International University’s Modesto A. Maidique Campus on the Digital Divide.


LACC’s flagship publication, Hemisphere, features articles from academics around the world who study Latin America and the Caribbean. Issues revolve around a central topic of contemporary relevance in the Americas, with an emphasis on the social sciences. Each issue includes feature articles, reports, book reviews, a photo essay and a bibliographic update. Hemisphere is designed to serve as a forum for new scholarship on Latin American and Caribbean issues. Hemisphere 2016 examined the repercussions of the restoration of diplomatic ties and discussed the intractable obstacles to the full restoration of relations between the United States and Cuba. More+

LACC and SJMC Partnership in Support for Pre-Professional Journalist Training

LACC’s close collaboration with the School of Communication + Journalism at FIU features joint academic offerings, outreach programs and research projects and ensures that a new generation of media professionals will be prepared to provide world-class coverage of the region.

Covering Cuba from Within: Journalists' Perspectives

March 27, 2015

Experienced reporters who have covered news in Cuba on the ground will share their thoughts and experiences about how to keep a balanced and objective perspective while living on the island and facing multiple political pressures.

Watch: Covering Cuba from Within: Journalists' Perspectives Pt.1
Watch: Covering Cuba from Within: Journalists' Perspectives Pt.2
Watch: Covering Cuba from Within: Journalists' Perspectives Pt.3


The InterAmerican Press Association launches its first annual hemispheric conference and boot camp on digital technology for media companies. The objective is to demonstrate how to use technology to increase revenue and gain audience. Experts include the Knight Foundation's CEO Alberto Ibarguen, UTAustin's Rosental Alves, and Paul Lima, of Lima consulting Group. Funding partially provided by the US Department of Education Title VI.

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IAPA and LACC Webinar Series

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) and the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) at Florida International University join forces in US Department of Education Title VI-funded Webinar Series:

Latin American Journalism: Ahead of the Curve on Digital Transformation but Behind the Times on Press Freedom? (2015)

News Media: Making it Relevant for the Tech Generation
Millennials are News Junkies Too! Just in a Different Way
Getting the News Out—Against all Odds
Freedom of Expression: “What Does That Have to Do with Me?”

Journalism 2016-Style: Millennials Leading the Way (2016)

Chicas Poderosas and Technology: Visual Storytelling
Narrative Reporting in the Internet Age
Team-Reporting across Borders in the Digital Era
The Social Media Editor and Web Traffic

Journalism 2017-Style: Social Media and Apps (2017)

The Consumption of News in Social Networks
Digital Attacks in the New Era of Censorship
How to Offer a Better and More Enriched Narrative in Niche Publications
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