MSI to MSI Collaboration and Professional School Collaboration

LACC/University of Puerto Rico Social Determinants of Health International Practicum for MSI Pre-Professionals

Part of LACC's Health and Society Program of Excellence and in partnership with University of Puerto Rico's Medical Sciences Campus and School of Public Health, this community building action program is designed to inform policy on health equity and prepare a future pipeline of linguistically and culturally diverse professionals in Public Health. Based in Puerto Rico and conducted entirely in Spanish, the technical training program examines how social, cultural, economic and political structures impact access to wellness and opportunities for healthy living and provides training that translates into effective, transformative, pro-¬equity public policy initiatives and programs and practices in and beyond the health sector. Through community-based interventions and applied case study collaboration with researchers, practitioners, community leaders and other stakeholders, pre-professional participants critically assess the use and effectiveness of community building and organizational strategies to address social determinants of health and make recommendations for the reduction and/or elimination of health inequities among underserved and minority populations. Made possible with support from LACC's US Department of Education Title VI Grant.

Reflection papers: