Dancing Across Disciplines

Through the Dancing Across Disciplines (DAD) project, LACC's Intercultural Dance and Music Institute (INDAMI) played an important leadership role in developing innovative, team-taught, interdisciplinary courses and cross-disciplinary exchange between humanities, social science, dance and area studies courses.

The objective of the DAD project aimed to make dance a significant component of Latin American and Caribbean cultural studies through interdisciplinary initiatives. As a result, courses from various FIU departments, including Religious Studies, History, Modern Languages, Geography, and Anthropology, were redesigned to incorporate African and diaspora dance and movement into the curriculum. Twelve FIU full-time faculty members joined guest lecturers, visiting artists, and FIU adjunct dance faculty in conducting master classes in West African dance, capoeira, samba, rumba, Afro-Cuban and Haitian Yanvalou. Master classes were offered in conjunction with such area studies courses as History of Brazil, Cultures of the Caribbean, and African Diaspora Cultures and Performativity.

In addition, INDAMI spearheaded radical curriculum reform of the BA degree within FIU's Dance Program. Reforms include increased emphasis on Latin American and Caribbean dance and culture, team-taught courses within the discipline, linking theory and practice, a community arts program, and the incorporation of a global perspective across the curriculum.