Online Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources

In effort to encourage the introduction or expansion of the study of Latin America in the curriculum of Miami-Dade area K-12 schools, LACC prepares and provides lesson plans. Additionally, area educators interested in expanding their Latin American and Caribbean based curriculum are encouraged to contact LACC's Associate Director, Liesl Picard, to explore possibilities for collaboration.

Free Curricula, Lesson Plan and Teacher Resource Downloads:

Introduction to Latin American Studies: From Colonization to Globalization-An Interdisciplinary Approach

Diversity in the Caribbean: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching the Region

Teaching World History: US-Haiti Relations (Please click link and then click on the arrow symbol on the top right to download the document)

LACC/Miami International Film Festival In-Class Discussion Guide: Secrets of the Tribe

LACC/Miami International Film Festival In-Class Discussion Guide: The Colors of the Mountain

LACC/Miami International Film Festival In-Class Discussion Guide: Fuacata!

LACC/Miami International Film Festival In-Class Discussion Guide: The Wind and the Water

Tiffany Hollis-Cole: Latin American Revolutions
Lesson Plan
The Latino Movement
The Civil Rights Movement
Organize the Facts Handout

Liani Calvo: Two Sides to Every War
Lesson Plan

Jose M. Pombo and Dr. Sarah Mathews: Island in Transition: How Cuba’s Past Will Influence its Future
Lesson Plan
Images for the Gallery Walk

Jackie Areces: The Cuban Revolution
Lesson Plan

Gabriela Rodriguez
Lesson Plan: Cuban Missile Crisis-Targeted at 9th grade students
Lesson Plan: The Cuban Revolution- Targeted at 8th grade students

Adriane Silva: The Communication Game
Presentation- Targeted at K-4th grade Portuguese and Spanish students

Ayiti Images
Lesson Plan: Film Coming Home: Haiti- Targeted at 9th-12th grade students

Global Issues and Digital Media




Mark Padilla and Armando Matiz- Lens Project: Photovoice Methodology Project in the Dominican Republic

Charlene Desir- Haitian Culture and Diasporic Identity

Micah Oelze- Scaling Social Media: From Local Snapshots to Global Hashtags

Mariusz Galcyznski- Current Events & Multicultural Teaching: Infusing Global Themes Meaningfully




Okezi Otovo- Public Health and Social Marginalization in BrazilPublic Health and Social Marginalization in Brazil

Ligia Collado-Vides- Environmental Issues in the Caribbean: Afternoon Exercise




Heather Russell- Literature and All that Jazz: Listening to the Counter Narrative that Already Exists
Bianca Premo- Histories of Historical Myths in Latin America
Dimmy Herard- Transforming Communities: Haiti
Jorge Duany- Racial Identities in the Americas
José Miguel Cruz- The Real Failure in Central America

Summer Art Institute for K-12 Teachers- Art, Culture, and Identity: Picturing Cuba through the Pérez Cuban Art Collection




Carol Damian- Afro-Cuban Art