Featured Internship with FIU Biology Student Nathalie Saliba

Nathalie first became interested in botany after taking her second biology class, during which Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega presented his research related to Brother Marie-Victorin. Dr. Ortega travelled to the University of Montreal where he worked with Marie-Victorin's travelogue, which was in French and had not be translated into English. Nathalie is working on the travel log translation from French to English and says that she enjoys the challenge as it forces her to use her knowledge of history, botany, and languages. In recognition of her work with the travelogue translations, Nathalie received a $500 award from the Rupert L. Lyn Global Learning Capstone Scholarship Program. The purpose of this program is to support students pursuing the FIU Global Learning Medallion to be able to complete a capstone project: globally focused research, internship, fellowship, study abroad, or language study. Congratulations Nathalie!

Click here for more information on Dr. Ortega's work with Brother Marie-Victorin's travelogues.