Study Abroad: Politics & International Relations of Argentina Summer Program

Event information
Venue:Buenos Aires, Argentina

LACC’s Politics & International Relations in Argentina study abroad program is an intensive four-week program designed to foster an understanding of Latin American international relations through the experience of living and studying in one of the most vibrant cosmopolitan cities in the Americas. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, the program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the region. Students register for two courses, International Relations of Latin America and Politics & Society in Argentina, for a total of 6 credits. In addition to classroom instruction, students participate in field trips to various locations of cultural and/or historical importance throughout Buenos Aires. Additionally, a 2-day/3- night excursion to Gualeguaychu and Colon exposes students to current issues in the region through direct contact and dialogue with social and political actors in the country.

Contact LACC at (305)348-2894 for more information.