LACC Research Faculty Colloquium

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Venue:FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus, GL 220

Launch of LACC's Research Faculty Colloquium, Bridging the Past to the Present: Reflections on the Bicentennial of the Hispanic American Independence (1810-2010). Panels presentations by LACC faculty associates examine insurgent legal discourses in the Atlantic, independence sentiment in Cuba, women and religion in independence historiography, indigenous populations and disaster risks, intercultural education policies in Mexico and revolutionary discourses in Uruguay. Keynote address by Eric Van Young, Ph.D., Professor, Deparment of History, UC-San Diego. Sponsored by LACC. Call LACC at (305) 348-2894 for more information.

Spanish American Independence: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Outside-In, Inside-Out?