LACC Undergraduate Haitian Studies Certificate

The LACC Undergraduate Certificate in Haitian Studies is designed to offer degree-seeking undergraduate students and non-degree seeking students interdisciplinary and specialized training in Haitian Studies. The certificate places a strong emphasis on Haitian’s language and culture, but as a complement to student work in major fields of study, also fosters a greater depth of knowledge related to Haiti.

Haitian Studies Undergraduate Certificate Requirements

  1. A total of 18 undergraduate credit hours with a grade of C or better. Courses must be selected from LACC’s Haitian Studies Approved Course List in consultation with and approval of advisor.
  2. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in Haitian Creole language at the Intermediate Level or above. This may be, but is not required to be, achieved by completing the following sequence:
    - HAI 3213 Accelerated Haitian Creole
    - HAI 3214 Accelerated Intermediate Haitian Creole
  3. Students are required to present a final project to Haitian Studies in Haitian Creole as part of the LACC FLAC Student Seminar. The Seminar will be held each Fall, Spring and Summer and will serve as a forum for students to demonstrate depth of knowledge.

Students may also enhance their training in Haitian studies and fulfill certificate requirements by participating in the FIU summer study abroad to Haiti which is part of LACC’s Haitian Summer Institute (HSI). +More Info on HSI

Certificate Application

Students interested in pursuing the certificate must contact the certificate advisor at for approval. Students must also download the application below (two parts) and return it to DM 353 on Modesto A. Madique Campus.


Core Courses

As part of the 18 credit hours required for completion of the certificate, students must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours in Haitian Creole language training. The following courses count towards this requirement:

-HAI 1072 Haitian Creole for Medical and Legal Professionals
-HAI 1130 Haitian Creole I
-HAI 2320 Haitian Creole: Reading and Composition I
-HAI 3213 Accelerated Haitian Creole
-HAI 3214 Accelerated Intermediate Haitian Creole
-HAI 3993 Haitian Creole: Reading and Composition II
-FOL 3905 Haiti: Study Abroad
-FOL 3930 Special Topics-Intro to Haitian Creole Translation
-FOL 3930 Special Topics-Intro to Haitian Creole Interpretation

Elective Courses

Elective Courses must be selected from the Haitian Studies Elective Course List or be approved by the Haitian Studies Certificate Advisor.

Please email to request an appointment (preferred)