2014 Tinker Field Research Grant Awardees

Emily Brantner
Urban Ecology in Costa Rica
Area of Study: Biology

Michael Britton
Tropical Herpetology and Conservation in Peru
Area of Study: Biology

Michael Calonje
Biology and Conservation of Cycads in Colombia
Area of Study: Biology

Jaeson Clayborn
Ant Community Structure in Tropical Forests on Rutacae in South Florida and the Dominican Republic
Area of Study: Biology

Jason Downing
Tropical Botany and Ecology in Brazil
Area of Study: Biology

Mark Ladd
Ecological Restoration in Ecuador
Area of Study: Biology

Craig Lang
Transitional Justice in Colombia and Peru
Area of Study: Political Science

Ana Lemos
The Socioeconomic Impact of Crocodile Tourism in Costa Rica
Area of Study: Environmental Studies

Jaqueline Lyon
Blackness Across the Transnational Divide: Santo Domingo (DR) and New York City
Area of Study: Anthropology

Judith Mansilla
Archival Research of the Imperial Administration of Habsburg Spain in Peru
Area of Study: History

Micah Oelze
The Sounds that Silence: Ethnomusicology and the Symphony of State in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1922-1938
Area of Study: History

Roberto Pacheco
Collective Memories about Argentine heroes since the Mid-19th Century
Area of Study: History

Doyle Perdue
Extracting Nature: The Environment in Labor, Law, and Land in the Mining Industry of Cananea, Mexico, 1960-1992
Area of Study: History

Evan Rehm
Extremes not Means: How Freezing Events Shape Tropical Tree lines in Peru
Area of Study: Biology

Maria Sider
Using Comparisons of Fossils and Modern Benthic Foaminifera to Access Recent Coastal Disturbance in Bocas del Toro, Panama
Area of Study: Biology

Gracia Solis
Women and Journalism in the Andes, 1850-1900
Area of Study: History

Michelle Thompson
Amphibians and Reptiles in Changing Landscapes: Costa Rica
Area of Study: Biology

Nan Yao
Meta-Population Dynamics of Caribbean Spiny Lobster: Colombia, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua
Area of Study: Biology