Lens Project/ Proyecto Lentes

Dr. Armando Matiz and Dr. Mark Padilla have received funding from FIU's Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center (KG-LACC) to initiate a Photovoice methodology project, Lens Project, that was inspired by, and grew directly from, the research being conducted by the Syndemics Project. This special project seeks to implement through images and text the need to have effective treatment for Heroin addiction in the Dominican Republic. Heroin use is a rapidly growing concern in the country with no established medical protocols in place to effectively treat those addicted. Users of the drug that are volunteering with the Syndemics projects have discussed with Dr. Matiz the urgent need to be heard and for their realities to be acknowledged.

Dr. Matiz will be facilitating the PhotoVoice project in Santo Domingo with 7 recovering heroin users. The aim of the project is to give voice to this invisibilized and marginalized population of the Dominican Republic. Participants will be equiped with a digital camera and receive training and support to capture their stories through photos and videos. With the aim of letting their communities, their government, and the world know " que existimos" - that we exist. The resulting images, accompanied by captions and messages written by the participants will be displayed in a traveling exhibition to spread awareness of the need to address and treat heroin addiction.

‚Äč For more information on the Lens Project, please contact us at lensproject@fiu.edu

To learn more, please visit http:/www.syndemicsproject.org#!lens-project/c1z7x