Observatory of the Triple Border:
Initiative from a group of social scientists from Argentina and Brazil that seek to study the social and cultural dynamics of the borders between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Includes articles on topics such as economic development, migration, cultural diversity and religion. +More Info

Mesquita Mohammad Mensageiro de Deus (S.A.A.S.):
Mosque Mohammad Messenger of God or Mesquita do BrĂ¡s: It offers information about the mosque, their activities, and all of the events of the Islamic Charity Association of Brazil. It is an excellent source to learn more about the contents and structure of Islam as a religion. It contains a section of history and the writings of Islam, articles on how Islam sees science, women, family and ethics, among others topics reviewed. It also includes speeches of different sheiks and other resources such as an Islamic dictionary and a directory of Islamic institutions in Brazil. +More Info

Islamic Cultural Center of Argentina:
Islamic Cultural Center of Argentina: It features Arabic-Spanish dictionary and interactive courses. Includes an article on the contribution of Islam to civilization and on who can become muslim. Its multimedia section includes sermons from the sheik and videos of the Islamic prayers step by step, among a variety of video, audio and photos. It also contains a section dedicated to children. +More Info

Confederation of Argentinean-Arab Entities:
Confederation of Argentinean-Arab Entities: it compiles the history and objectives of the federation. Serves as a connection between all the Islamic institutions in Argentina: includes all the locations of the different centers around the country and the contact information for the Argentinean embassies in Arab countries. It contains audio of radio and TV programs, and publications about Islam. +More Info

Argentinean Islamic Organization:
Argentinean Islamic Organization: it contains articles on local and international news regarding Islam, a library with books and articles in PDF format, videos of the Islamic prayers and a Spanish translation of the Koran, among other resources. +More Info

Islamic Charity Association:
Islamic Charity Association:Website that serves as the Islamic Charity Association's modern tool to promote Islam and its pillars. It contains articles on Islam and science, women, Muslim character and explanations of elements of the Islam religion. It includes a general Islamic calendar, times for prayers and current activities of the association. This website's association, which concentrates in Rio de Janeiro, seeks to be a tool of promotion of Islam in the Portuguese language. It also has an English and Arabic version. +More Info