2017 Journalist & Editors Workshop Overview

For 34 years, LACC has proudly supported media training and enhanced news coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean through its annual Journalists & Editors Workshop. LACC’s 34th Annual Journalists & Editors Workshop featured forum for journalists, scholars and policy-makers to discuss the social, economic and political issues facing the hemisphere. The one-day conference provided a full day of interactive analysis of how information and communication technologies—specifically, mobile media—affect Latin American and Caribbean societies.

Panelists and Moderators:

Session 1- Defining the Problem

This panel set the stage for the overall discussion: from the statistical analysis of the digital divide in the Americas to the new legal and political environment that the new communication technologies and news platforms are facing in countries such as Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

  • Moderator: Eduardo Gamarra, Professor, Political Science, FIU
  • Maarten Boute, Chairman, Digicel, Haiti
  • Alan Albarran, Professor, Media Management and Economics, University of North Texas
  • Juan Pablo Ferro, Researcher, Digital Technologies, Education and Media, Universidad del Norte, Colombia
  • Ricardo Trotti, Executive Director, Inter American Press Association

View Session 1 Periscope recording here (0:28:18)

Session 2- Digital Divide and the News: The High-Level Strategies

The panelists discussed the opportunities that the Internet has created for news endeavors, and the challenges they are encountering to reach their audiences. A strong discussion on market conditions and strategy implementation.

  • Moderator: Mario Diament, Associate Professor, FIU, and Veteran Foreign Correspondent
  • Selymar Colón, Senior Director of Digital News, Univision
  • Daniel Eilemberg, President and Chief Content Officer, Fusion, and Founder of Animal Politico
  • Mario R. García, CEO and Founder, Garcia Media and Adjunct Professor, Journalism, Columbia University
  • Alejandro González, Development and Innovation, 14ymedio.com

View Session 2 Periscope recording here (2:15:00)

Session 3- Digital Divide and the News: The Power of Content and Continuous Innovation

Seasoned journalists shared their experience on how legacy media and entirely digital media are targeting a slippery audience. They shared their knowledge at the tactical level: new trends in storytelling, how to leverage social media platforms, and how to evolve and be ready before disruption.

  • Moderator: Mercedes Vigón, Associate Professor, Communication + Journalism, FIU
  • Carlos Cortés, Digital Journalist, Univision
  • Elaine Díaz, Nieman Fellow and Founder, La Polémica Digital
  • Hiram Enríquez, Founder, Mist the Content Cloud
  • Romina Ruíz-Goiriena, Editor-in-Chief, Prowell Media U.S., and Founder EsBarrio.com

View session 3 Periscope recording here

Session 4- Emerging Technologies, Platforms, and Initiatives

A conversation with the gurus of new mobile technologies. A discussion on the technologies and platforms that are changing the news media landscape, and the conditions that the new and existing projects should meet to become successful and sustainable news businesses.

  • Moderator: Susan Jacobson, Assistant Professor, Communication + Journalism, FIU
  • Rebekah Monson, Co-Founder, WhereBy.Us and Miami's The New Tropic
  • María Del Carmen Suárez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, VAS Consulting
  • Elizabeth Suárez, Chief Operating Officer, VAS Consulting and Alumna, Communication + Journalism, FIU
  • Janine Warner, ICFJ Knight Fellow and ​Co-​Founder, SembraMedia

View Session 4 Periscope Recording here (1:30:10)

Sponsored by FIU’s Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center, School of Communication + Journalism, and MALOKA. Co-sponsored by Knight Foundation, Hacks / Hackers - Miami chapter, and National Association of Hispanic Journalists.