International Linkage Programs

LACC's outreach efforts reach well beyond the borders of the US and feature numerous and varied programs and initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean that involve direct engagement, scholarly research, faculty exchange, student exchange, training and internships. With nearly 40 active linkage program partnerships in place, LACC continues to actively build bridges among the different cultures, societies and peoples of the hemisphere.

Current number of LACC academic international linkages by country:

Argentina 4
Aruba 1
Bahamas 2
Belize 1
Bolivia 1
Brazil 3
Chile 4
Colombia 5
Costa Rica 1
Cuba 4
Curacao 1
Dominican Republic 2
El Salvador 2
Grenada 1
Guatemala 2
Guyana 1
Haiti 3
Jamaica 3
Martinique 1
Mexico 4
Peru 3
Trinidad and Tobago 1
Uruguay 3
Venezuela 2