The Andean Studies Program hosts Professor Alfons Martinell

The Andean Studies Program at Latin American Caribbean Center invited Prof. Alfons Martinell, to participate in working meetings and an open Conference at Green Library, on the subject of culture financing, international cooperation and its integration to social systems in Latinoamerica. Prof. Martinell is Professor Emeritus and UNESCO Chair for Cultural Politics and Social Development at the University of Girona, Spain.

The working lunch was help at LACC’s Meeting Room where Prof. Martinell had the opportunity to build a dialog with FIU professors, artist and cultural leaders. The next day, April 14, Prof. Martinell gave out his presentation pointing why culture is a unique part of the macro social system and as so, has to be included in public plans for civic participation, urban renewal, economic growth and sustainable eco systems.

Besides, Prof. Martinell had two successful media presentations, with El Venezolano TV and ViceVersa Magazine.

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