LACC and FHRC host leading activists: Our Voices Resonate— Women and Human Rights in LA&C

Iconic grassroots activists, civic leaders and scholars join forces at FIU to discuss the challenges women of the region continue to confront— and their methods of empowering themselves and their societies. Our Voices Resonate is designed to examine the issues and highlight verifiable successes achieved through a variety of tactics in a one-day conference on March 19, 2015. Keynote luncheon speaker Yoani Sanchez builds on four panels, moderated by FIU experts, that introduce contextual scenarios by specialists Rita Laura Segato, Miriam Kornblith, Claudia Piras, Joan Caviano and Amb. Carmen Lomellin. Case studies follow, presented by the women recognized as movement leaders hemisphere-wide: Laritza Diversent, Marleine Bastien, Berta Soler, Yusmila Reyna Ferrera, Ivia Pérez Naranjo, Anabel Navarro Camero, Myriam Celaya and Gloria Álvarez. Conference is free and open to the public. Reservation and ticket purchase required for the Keynote Lunch. Register here.