FIU Honored for Promotion of Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture

On Friday, May 4, 2012, FIU was honored with a Brazilian International Press (BIP) Award in recognition of its achievement as an Outstanding Institution Promoting Portuguese Language.

Every year, the BIP awards the persons, institutions and initiatives committed to promoting a positive image of Brazil and Brazilian culture worldwide. Areas such as marketing and business, media, music, art, philanthropy, social action, sports and education are recognized.

FIU was nominated by the members of the American Organization of Teachers of Portuguese, a non-profit organization that enhances and promotes the teaching of Portuguese by guiding teachers through the qualification process and providing them with professional development opportunities.

“As a language, Portuguese is becoming increasingly important on an international scale, especially in business and government,” FIU Portuguese instructor Augusta Vono said. “More and more, the South Florida job market requires knowing three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. As Brazil’s economy and influence grows stronger, the need will be even greater.”

In 2010, FIU was acknowledged with a BIP Award in the Outstanding Contribution for the Portuguese Language in the United States of America category.