Tinker Field Research Grant

The Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) in FIU’s School of International and Public Affairs is pleased to announce that it has been selected from among the nation’s various Latin American studies programs as a recipient of the prestigious Tinker Field Research Grant. The Tinker Grant funds graduate student field research to any Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country in Latin America, the Caribbean, or the Iberian Peninsula. LACC received a three-year funding commitment from the Tinker Foundation. The current funding cycle will cover graduate student research travel from January 25—December 31, 2010. The application deadline for the current funding cycle is January 5, 2010. For research-related travel that begins or ends after December 31, 2010, please apply for the 2011 funding cycle.

For more information, contact LACC at 305-348-2894. Grant application forms, instructions, and guidelines are available on LACC’s website at http:lacc.fiu.edu; click on the Tinker Field Research Grant link.