The “Paul C. Bell, Jr.” Risk Management Programme, Phase V RFA: “Bell Scholarships”

The Programme

The Latin American and Caribbean Center of Florida International University (LACC/FIU), with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance, Office of U.S Foreign Disaster Assistance (DCHA/OFDA), announces Phase V of the Paul C. Bell, Jr. Risk Management Programme.

As part of Phase V, the program is pleased to announce the availability of multi-year “Bell Scholarships” to support a small number of carefully selected individuals committed to disaster/emergency management careers in their home countries upon completion of their advanced degree programs. Applicants may pursue, or continue to pursue if they are already enrolled in a program, advanced degrees in any disaster/emergency management-relevant field (e.g., economics, planning, engineering, administration, medicine, or public health). The Bell Scholarships may be used to support study in any country with the appropriate higher education degree programs and will provide for tuition and fees, a modest living stipend, and travel expenses as approved.

Individuals may apply directly for Bell Scholarships, or they may be nominated by their current home or prospective future universities. Applications/Nominations from current higher education institution faculty seeking further degrees are welcome. Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

Bell Scholarships, Core Requirements:

  1. Applicants/Nominees must be citizens of one of the Latin American or Caribbean nations.
  2. Applicants/Nominees must demonstrate a commitment to a disaster/emergency management-relevant career and to return to the LAC region after securing an advanced degree.
  3. Applicants/Nominees supported by Bell Scholarships must commit to full-time study in their chosen program or field.

The Application/Nomination Process, Requirements:

  1. A letter from the applicant/nominee summarizing his/her (a) previous academic and professional accomplishments, (b) interests and motivations for pursuing an advanced degree in a disaster/emergency management-relevant program or field, (c) commitment to remain in or return to the LAC region for a disaster/emergency management career, and (d) compelling need for Bell Scholarship funding to allow dedicated time to pursue and complete an advanced degree.
  2. Three letters of recommendation from professionals or academics in a relevant field.
  3. A letter from the proposed or current host university describing the specific academic degree program of the applicant/nominee and certifying that the applicant/nominee has fulfilled/maintained the appropriate academic requirements for entry or continuation and is eligible for a Bell Scholarship.
  4. All post-secondary official transcripts.


  • Application/Nomination Deadline: January 15, 2010
  • Selection notification : February 15, 2010

Applications/Nominations should be submitted electronically to Professor Juan Pablo Sarmiento, Latin American and Caribbean Center, Florida International University, Miami, Florida: