Rethinking the Colombian Conundrum: Talking Peace in a Changing Landscape

Event information
Venue:University of Miami, Alumni Center, Coral Gables, Florida

Conference focusing on Colombia considers the current round of peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC armed insurgency through the lens of historic patterns. The first of two round-table discussions focuses on "wider historical" questions including an analysis of the Colombian state, political party structure, and the history of economic development in that nation. Recent developments discussed at the second round-table including the role of illegal narcotics in oxygenating the current conflict, the role of the United States and an analysis of the half-century history of the FARC in Colombia. The backdrop to the conference is the recently published history by UM Ph.D. alumni Michael J. LaRosa and German R. Mejia entitled "Colombia: A Concise Contemporary History." Event is free and open to the public. Presented by the Miami Consortium for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Co-sponsored by LACC, CLAS, Department of History at UM and Department of International Studies at UM.