16th Annual Haitian Summer Institute

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Venue:FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus

Now entering its 16th year, the Haitian Summer Institute is a six-week program designed for anyone interested in acquiring basic conversational proficiency in Haitian Creole and also for those students who wish to continue their Haitian Creole Language training at the intermediate and advanced levels. The FLAS-approved institute is held at FIU's Modesto Maidique Campus in Miami for five weeks and culminates with an optional one week study abroad in Cap Haitien, Haiti, which provides participants with a unique opportunity to further immerse themselves in Haiti Creole while experiencing the country first-hand.

The program begins with intensive Haitian Creole language training in Miami which is divided into two tracks. Students participating in the Miami portion have two enrollment options: Accelerated Beginning Haitian Creole for the first half of the Miami portion and Accelerated Intermediate Haitian Creole for the final half of the Miami portion, or Accelerated Intermediate Haitian Creole for the first half of the Miami portion and Accelerated Advanced Haitian Creole for the final half. In addition to the Institute's intensive language courses, participants are introduced to Haitian history and culture through lectures in English and Haitian Creole presented by nationally-recognized Haitianists and Diasporic leaders, film, technical training sessions and tours of Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. Classes in Miami are held Monday through Friday and include a morning and afternoon session. Housing is available on campus at an additional cost.

The study abroad is designed to further expose students to Haiti, its culture and its people through a highly-structured one week trip to the historical city of Cap Haitien, located in northern Haiti. Participation in the Study Abroad is optional and space is limited; priority is given to FLAS Fellows and degree-seeking graduate students. Application Information:

All applicants must submit the application packet, along with the required supporting materials to the Latin American and Caribbean Center. Program Dates:

Summer B Term: June 24-August 3, 2013 Program Costs:

*Following amounts are subject to change

Tuition and Program Fees (6 undergraduate credits)

In-State: $1,565.22 Out-of-State: $3,877.39

On-Campus Housing (Optional)

$30.00/day (no linens) $40.00/day (linens)

Study Abroad (All inclusive with the exception of lunch and dinner daily): $2155.00


HAI 3213 Accelerated Beginning Haitian Creole

HAI 3214 Accelerated Intermediate Haitian Creole

HAI 3500 Haiti: Language & Culture (Advanced Haitian Creole)

FOL 3905 Haiti Study Abroad

For More Information and To Apply:

Haitian Summer Institute, Academic Programs Latin American and Caribbean Center Florida International University Modesto A. Maidique, DM 353 Miami, Florida 33199 Phone: (305) 348-2894 Fax: (305) 348-3593 Email: LACC@fiu.edu