Frequently Asked Questions: MALACS/IMBA

How long does it take to complete the joint MALACS/IMBA degree pathway?

A student can complete the joint MALACS/IMBA in just over two years. If a student has completed his/her course requirements in MALACS, he/she will be able to finish the IMBA in 9 months, as four classes will be transferred. The last term in the IMBA consists of an internship, study abroad, or elective and may be waived for a joint degree student that has completed the MALACS degree.

When does the MALACS program start?

Most students begin the MALACS program in the fall at the beginning of the academic year. However, students may also be admitted for the spring semester. The spring semester begins in January.

When does the IMBA start?

The IMBA starts in the fall at the beginning of the academic year.

Do the academic calendars of the degrees differ?

Yes. The IMBA has four terms (quarters) of approximately 10 weeks each. The IMBA program takes 12 months to complete.

Do I have to have an undergraduate degree in Business to be admitted to the joint degree pathway?

No, you do not have to have a Business degree.

Are joint degree pathway students required to focus on Business as part of their MALACS degree?

Yes. The focus in the MALACS program for students deciding to do the joint IMBA degree is International Business.

I have taken the GMAT. Do I have to take the GRE (or vice versa) in addition to complying with both program application requirements?

Check with both departments to obtain current requirements.

Does admission into one program automatically admit me into the second program?

No. Both programs' requirements must be met and each program admits students based on the respective requirements.

Can I pursue both degrees at the same time?

No, the degrees must be scheduled consecutively since the IMBA is a compressed 12 month program.

Do I graduate from one program and then go into the next program?

No. You can only graduate after you have successfully completed both programs.

What is the standard course load for the IMBA?

  • 14 credits for the first term-fall
  • 16 credits for the second term-winter
  • 16 credits for the third term- spring
  • 3 credits for the fourth term-summer

What is the course load for an IMBA student if he/she has completed the course requirements for the MALACS degree?

  • 8-9 credits for the first term
  • 16 credits for the second term
  • 13 credits for the third term
  • The fourth term is waived, since the IMBA program is reduced to 9 months if the student has completed his/her MALACS degree course work.

How many credits can I transfer between the IMBA and MALACS?

A total of four courses (or 12 credits) are transferrable.

What are the basic requirements of transferring courses from the MALACS into the IMBA program?

The student must have an overall 3.0 GPA during the time in the MALACS program AND obtain at least a B in each of the courses.

Can I take more than four courses from the IMBA during my MALACS program?

No. Only four courses will be transferred: MAN 6606, BUL 6810 and two 6000 level classes. You are not allowed to repeat courses.

Of the four transferrable courses, are there any required courses?

Yes, two courses: MAN 6606 and BUL 6810.

What about the remaining two courses which can be transferred?

These can be selected by the student but must be approved by both LACC and Business. Additionally, the courses must be 6000 level classes and cannot include courses designated as “seminar”, “thesis”, “research” or “dissertation.”

Are there any prerequisite courses that I must take for the IMBA and can I opt out?

Yes. QMB 6357 and ACG 6026 are preparatory courses for the IMBA. If a student takes the Data Analysis class LAS 6930, he/she can opt out of the IMBA preparatory QMB 6357.

Do I have to take Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese Mandarin when I am in the IMBA even if I speak one of those languages already, have taken it during as part of the MALACS program or have a degree in it?

Yes. You must enroll in a language while in the IMBA. Currently, the IMBA offers Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin and Advanced Business English.

Does the IMBA require a thesis?

No. The IMBA does not require a thesis.

What if I need longer than four semesters to complete the MALACS? Can I delay my entrance into the IMBA program?

Yes. It depends on you when you would like to apply for the IMBA. There is only one intake per year, in the fall.

If I have completed my MALACS degree, can I stretch out the IMBA program into the full 12 months even though I could finish it in 9 months?

Upon approval of the Academic Director of the IMBA you may take the fourth term (summer) and do an internship, elective, or study abroad. This may be subject to additional fees.

How much money can I save when I do the joint degree pathway instead of both degrees separately?

The amount saved is equivalent to the tuition and fees for four transferrable classes.

Can I work or have an assistantship while in the IMBA?

No. Given the full time nature of the program, IMBA students are not allowed to work; the program has a no work policy.

Can I work or have an assistantship while in the MALACS?

Yes, part-time, merit-based graduate assistantships and teaching assistantships are offered by LACC.

What is an assistantship and the associated benefits?

An assistantship is a merit-based part-time employment opportunity made available to a student who is enrolled full-time in a graduate level program. An assistantship generally provides a student with an in-state tuition status and covers approximately 80% of the tuition. Additionally, it provides a small stipend each semester and the option of health insurance.

If I have an assistantship while in the MALACS program and I take IMBA classes, does it cover the tuition of the business class?

No. The assistantship does not cover the differential cost for the IMBA classes. Courses in the IMBA are not covered by assistantships in the same way as MALACS classes. After you have completed the MALACS degree and you are fully admitted into the IMBA program, you are not eligible for an assistantship (due to the IMBA no work policy).

Where can I find information on scholarships for the IMBA?

If you would like to be considered for a scholarship for the IMBA, contact the IMBA Program directly: Jessica Aristizabal, phone: 305-348-6880 or email: