LACC Proud to Administer NIH Grant on Syndemics in the DR


Migration, Tourism and HIV/Drug Use Syndemics in the Dominican Republic, a 5-year, multi-million dollar NIH-funded research project led by Dr. Mark Padilla, investigates HIV and drug use in the tourism zones of the DR. A collaboration between FIU and Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, the project aims to describe and map the social context of men’s labor migration, drug use and HIV risk in tourism areas of the DR, and to explain drug use and HIV risk behavior among male tourism migrants.

LACC Launches Phase Two of US Department of State's Diplomacy Lab


An effort to conduct cutting-edge research, cultivate undergraduate and graduate student critical thinking, and develop and propose effective policy related to violence in Latin American and the Caribbean, LACC, FIU's Applied Research Center (ARC) and US State Department proudly partner on the LACC Diplomacy Lab. Following a successful Spring '14 lab examining prison violence, the Fall '14 lab looks at gender violence in the Caribbean and is led by LACC Research Director, Dr. Jose Miguel Cruz.

LACC’s 35th Anniversary Celebration adds “Did you know?” Fascinating Facts Campaign


LACC has been an important part of FIU for over 35 years. Much trailblazing activity and scholarship has taken place under its leaders, faculty, international partners, staff and, principally, its students. The "Did you know?" campaign shares interesting facts and highlights from the Center's three and a half decades. Click above to see the first.

Upcoming Events

DEPORTED: Ayiti Images Film Series Premier and Panel Discussion

10/01/2014 07:00 PM

Film screening of award-winning documentary Deported with co-director Rachèle Magloire. Deported gives voice to convicted offenders sent back to the home country they left as children, Haiti, to begin a new life in an environment that can be both completely unfamiliar and hostile. FIU experts Astrid Arrarás and Juan Carlos Gómez join moderator Chantalle Verna and Magloire for a panel discussion US Deportation Policy: A Humanitarian Crisis?

The Andes: A Musical Tour from Chile to Venezuela

11/07/2014 06:00 PM

Featuring Professor John Chasteen, cultural historian of Latin America at UNC, Chapel Hill, a specialist on the elements that contribute to the evolution of national identities. His talk focuses on the significant role played by the forms and varieties of Andean music through a combined musical performance and chronicles. Angela Moncada, premier Andean folklore musician accompanies Chasteen in this narrative concert.

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