FIU experts key to understanding Obama's Cuban Policy announcement


The joint announcement by Presidents Obama and Castro that relations between Cuba and the U.S. are to be resumed after more than 50 years once again divided South Florida's Cuban community as well as hard line politicians in Congress. Helping to explain the White House move and how it will play out, FIU's many experts on Cuba and U.S.foreign policy have been in high demand by media and interested citizens worldwide. Frank Mora was interviewed by Agence France-Press

Distinguished Tropical Biologist Paulo Oliveira at FIU


LACC is honored to co-host distinguished tropical ecologist, Prof. Paulo Oliveira from the Dept. of Animal Biology, Uni Estadual de Campinas. Prof. Oliveira is in residence at FIU until February 15, 2015, to conduct research on ant-plant interactions in the laboratory of Suzanne Koptur, Dept. of Biological Sciences. See more.

Apply now! Tinker Field Research Grant


The Tinker Foundation Field Research Grants Program is designed to provide budding scholars with funds for travel to and within Latin America to conduct pre-doctoral research and develop contacts with scholars and institutions in their fields of study. Universities may receive funding at the $10K or $15K level-LACC was awarded the more prestigious $15K grant with the possibility of 2 additional 1-year renewals. LACC's 1:1 match brings total support for Tinker grant awardees to $90K over 3 years.

Upcoming Events

STORMING PAPA DOC: Ayiti Images Film Screening

02/04/2015 06:30 PM

In this 90 minute film, Delatour tells the tale of the defeat and death of WW II hero and exiled Haitian Alix Pasquet as he carried out a plan to overthrow President Francois Duvalier on July 28th,1958. A World War II pilot trained by the Tuskegee Airmen, recognized as a hero in Haiti, but then exiled in Miami for his political beliefs, the film offers an interesting glimpse into Florida and African-American history. Director Mario L. Delatour attends for a post-screening Q&A.

Whither Brazil? The Reelection of Dilma Rousseff and Challenges for Democracy - Dr. Timothy Power

02/06/2015 03:30 PM

SIPA and LACC are honored to welcome former FIU Professor Timothy Power to inaugurate the 2015 launch of LACC’s Brazilian Program of Excellence. A reception will be held at the close of the presentation. This event is free and open to the public. For more information please call (305) 348-2894. Part of LACC’s Brazilian Program of Excellence Lecture Series and SIPA’s Ruth K. and Shepard Broad Distinguished Lecture Series

K-12 Student Simulation: Hemispheric Security Issues

02/10/2015 09:00 AM

Part of the FIU Program in National Security Studies. Co-sponsored by LACC, Jack Gordon Institute for Public Policy and Citizenship Studies at FIU, and the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, Division of Social Sciences and Life Skills, Miami Dade County Public Schools. Registration required. Call LACC at (305)348-2894 for more information.

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